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by admin on August 30, 2012

Seminars have become the most essential part of curriculum today. Students need to give no less than one seminar on a chosen topic during the course. Seminar has been proven to be the most effective factor in improving one’s understanding and knowledge on a specific topic. It also helps you learn many new things: to build confidence, to overcome stage-fear, to share your ideas with a large number of audiences, and so on.

A winning topic is one of the important factors for the seminar, which will grab many people who are interested to attend the seminar. Hence you need to consider few factors before choosing the topic, as following:

1. Choose a Topic That You Love and You have Knowledge On

What is your passion? What is something that you love to talk about? What is the topic that makes you find it fascinating? Is there any valuable information you have on a specific topic that you want to share with audiences?

Dale Carnegie, the renowned educator said, “You cannot achieve real success unless and until you love what you are doing.” But, love towards a topic alone is not enough. You should have proper knowledge on the topic so that you will be ready to answer to the questions that your audiences may ask during the seminar.

Hence, it is very essential for you to select a topic that you love, and also you have knowledge on it. It should make you excited. You cannot make others get excited unless you get excited. When you are excited, your energy will become contagious and you can motivate others to listen to you. Motivation obviously in an important factor of a real dynamic seminar and it will surely make the difference between just good seminar and the excellent one.

2. Choose a Topic Should Offer Hard-to-Find Information Yet Can Be Applied Instantly

We live in a culture and age in which the rapidity at which information is being shared continues to increase. Modems, fax machines, voice mails, cellular phones, and computers – everything has created an environment of instant information sharing in the society.

People are ready to spend their valuable time for instant answers and immediate solutions to the problems. For a winning topic, you should understand if they are willing to spend enough time at the seminar on your topic. Your answer should be yes to this. You should be able to make them sit till the end of the seminar, and it is possible only with the right topic.

If you are not sure what is present day’s hot topic, do some research. Get to know if there have been any seminars conducted on the topic you have chosen. Is the chosen topic is exciting and interesting that is having so much of media attention?  Chances are, if the topic has been already successfully delivered in the past, it can again gain success today.

3. Choose a Topic That Possess Laser Beam Focus

You can focus on by audience alone, by topic alone, or by audience and topic. For instance, let us assume that you have decided to deliver a seminar on financial planning. This is surely a broad topic.

Now, let us see how you can focus by audience and by topic. In order to focus the seminar by topic, choose just one aspect on financial planning, such as retirement planning or tax planning. On the other hand, to focus by audience, you can choose women; more focused can be recently widowed or divorced women. A laser beam focus can be recent divorced or widowed women of below 35 years old who have one or two children.

4. Choose a Topic That Offers Extensive Apparent Benefits

People are always in the lookout for benefits. They usually spend most part of their day to avoid punishments and gain rewards. They do not like to buy seminars; rather they want to buy benefits that a seminar offers. Hence, you should offer benefits through your topic, not the seminar.

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