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by admin on August 30, 2012

ECE, Electronics and Communication Engineering, is an engineering discipline that deals the study, understanding and knowledge of electromagnetic theory, computer fundamentals, communication and control systems, networks, computer fundamentals and protection, and so on.

An electronics and communication engineer can create electronic circuits that can convert an internet message or a voice into pulses to transfer them via communication lines. An ECE’s typical duties include understanding how a communication system should perform, and so on.

Following are some seminar topic suggestions for ECE students:

  • Low Voltage Differential Signaling
  • Ad-Hoc Network
  • Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB)
  • System in Package (SiP)
  • Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA)
  • Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN)
  • Intel Itanium Processor
  • Adaptive Antenna Technology for Cell Phone Communication
  • Interactive Informative Mobile Service
  • High Speed Serial Interface
  • Dual Polarized Antenna
  • PHY Layer of FBWA
  • Signaling System 7 (SS7)
  • Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA or Serial ATA)
  • The Wave of Future – Optical Computing
  • Aerospace Telemetry
  • Meteor Burst Communications
  • Wireless Instant Messaging
  • Micro Opto Electro Mechanical System
  • Field Emission Display
  • Safe in Flight Mobile Telephony
  • Tele Presence Surgery
  • NEMS (Nano Electro Mechanical System)
  • Seismology and its Instruments
  • Photocopier Technology
  • Fuel Cell Vehicle
  • Cellular Communications – 4G
  • Brain Computer Interfacing
  • Revolution of Transistors – Tri Gate Transistors
  • ATM based Multi Service Network
  • Harmonic Reduction in AC Drives
  • Huperspectral Imaging
  • FPGA Development and Challenges
  • Multimedia and Convergence Networking
  • Peripheral Interface Control
  • Walking Beam Control Using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Image Compression and Transformation Using Wavelet
  • On Chip Based Designing Factors and Solutions
  • SFMA (Space Division Multiple Access)
  • A Network Threat – IP Spoofing
  • Cancellation and Control of ECHO in Telephony
  • Industrial Automation Through I2C Protocol
  • Convolution Encoding and Viterbi Decoding
  • Choices for CNC
  • Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier
  • Dolby Sound Processing
  • Application of Computer Numeric Control (CNC)
  • Impedance Glottography
  • Wafer Bumping
  • Space Vector PWM
  • Speech to Text Conversion
  • AN-FTTB (Access Network Fiber To The Building)
  • Telerobotics Operations Through Internet
  • CSP (Continuous Speech Processing)
  • Multi Detection and Tracking
  • Security of the Digital Documents
  • HDMI and Display Port – How does it work?
  • Mobile TV Vs IPTV: Design and Application
  • Transocean Intercontinental Optical Links
  • Network Virus: Creation and Prevention
  • Image Compression: Past and Present
  • FoIP vs VoIP: Design and Application
  • Earth Quack Detection by Using FM Radio
  • Pattern Recognitions Based on Biometrics Application
  • Edge Detection Algorithms Comparisions
  • Takeover: A New Vertical Handover Concept
  • Concept and Application Radar Tracking System
  • Past, Present, and Future of Wireless Communication
  • Cryptographic Protocols Design
  • Conversion: Analog to Digital
  • Secure Localization Algorithms
  • Quality Assessment Technique using in Compressed Videos
  • Scalable Video Coding: MPEG and H
  • Next Generation Internet Challenges
  • The Networking Challenges: Ambient Intelligence
  • Pattern Recognition based on Biometric Applications
  • Visible Light Communications
  • MAC Layer Enhancements in n Standards
  • WARP – Wireless open Access Research Platform
  • Sensors and Their Application in Robotics
  • Wireless Network Infrastructure and Its Future
  • Interference and Equalization of TDMA Wireless
  • The Marriage of Watermarking and Cryptography

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