Science Projects – For Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12

by admin on August 21, 2012

Science generally refers to acquiring knowledge by applying some systematic steps. In general, by application of science and its principle we find the answers for everyday doubts like why eyes keep blinking or why a human being yawns etc. There are lots of branches in science and interesting projects can also be conducted on each of those branches.

This article covers a list of projects on the general topic ‘Science’ without any further branch split.

  1. A simple flying rocket
  2. Experiment on egg like how to make it sink, float or submerge
  3. Setting up a model volcano and explaining the concepts behind it
  4. Finding the age of trees
  5. Turning a non-magnetic object into a magnet
  6. Building a model skeleton
  7. A study on insects
  8. Experiment on different stages of a butterfly
  9. Writing a report on types and behavior of insects
  10. Building a model eye ball
  11. Food Chart preparation like types of vitamins, minerals and calorie levels of different foods.
  12. section of a plant and characteristic of each
  13.  A direction indicator
  14. Study on the climate and the type of animals surviving in these climates
  15. Preparing sugar cubes / Salt crystals
  16. Judging the time using self built sun dial
  17. A project report and teeth types and its functions
  18. Explain the advantage of growing plants from human perspective
  19. A model solar system
  20. Experiment on gravitational pull
  21. Magnetism and generating the magnetic field
  22. How does an invisible ink works
  23. How to create a fire and the methods to put it down on emergency conditions
  24. Model and explanation of solar/lunar eclipse and foreseen dates of its occurrence in future
  25. A battery charger design
  26. Analysis and difference in properties between hot water and cold water
  27. How a milk is spoilt or which spoils the milk
  28.  Explain the different stages of milk in terms of curd, ghee, yoghurt, and cheese
  29. Find the freezing point of cold water, hot water, salt water and sugar water
  30. Presence of light / Absence of light on a part of leaf and its results in its growing
  31. Why and where vinegar is used and few examples with explanation of the presence of vinegar
  32. How bubbles are created
  33. Project of different stages of seed germination
  34. Design a simple mosquito repellent
  35. How to make a chocolate fountain
  36. Explain with a project on the shape of an ice cube and the time related to its melting
  37. Project on difference in growth with the usage of natural and artificial chemicals on plants
  38. What makes one to cry while cutting onion
  39. Difference in the burning rate of candles between different colors and shapes as compared with white candle
  40. Which water boosts the plant growth and the impact of presence of chlorine in the water
  41. Which plays a main role in food spoiling the time or the amount of light to which it is exposed
  42. A project on natural food coloring advantages as compared with artificial coloring materials
  43. What is meant by pH  level and compare the pH values of soil and water in growing a plant
  44. How injurious is cigarette smoke to a human being. Explain with detailed pictures for a primary and secondary smoker
  45. What makes a bottled water smell bad? explain in terms of chemical reactions
  46. Explain soil erosion and make a model to explain the same
  47. What is color blindness and how the animals are categorized by this term. Explain in detail about the color perception
  48. Why small insects are attracted towards lamp ? light or heat.
  49. making a simple rocket using plastic water bottle
  50. Generating lava from a bowl
  51. A calling bell design to generate the sound of recorded human voice
  52. Working of photosynthesis with a plant growth
  53. Project explaining the refraction and calculation of refractive index
  54. Solar cell study and generating electricity out of it
  55. Optical Fiber and path trace of light passing through it
  56. Creating artificial tornadoes for study purpose
  57. Model of parallel and series circuit and its applications and advantages
  58. A circuit with fuse and the role of fuse in it with advantages
  59. Project explaining the boat shape related to the weight it can carry
  60. Design a simple water purifier system
  61. What are called air cracks and how it occurs and solution to prevent it
  62. Lifecycle of different plants with the change in water level
  63. Build a model energy windmill
  64. A solar powered model house producing energy
  65. Make a model thermometer
  66. Measuring the oxygen level in the air
  67. Making a voltmeter
  68. Creating a lightning effect in a room
  69. Form a new plant by cross pollinating two plants
  70. Working of a pressure cooker
  71. A pendulum oscillator project
  72. preparing a home based hand sanitizer
  73. testing the glucose level in different foods
  74. Static electricity and effects of it
  75. Hand to eye co-ordination and its relation with intelligence development
  76. Why aerated drinks spoils the tooth enamel
  77. Brain analysis of left and right sided activities
  78. Why stars twinkle
  79. Experiment with different gases and its expansion?
  80. How to measure the rate of evaporation
  81. What affects when the gas in the bulb changes? Does it affects the intensity of light or usage of power or relates to brightness
  82. Inserting an egg inside a bottle and the theory behind it
  83. How an invisible ink works .Prove it
  84. Build a simple smoke detector
  85. Building a miniature hovercraft
  86. Preparing a home made shoe polish
  87. A simple vending machine
  88. Creating a rainbow colors inside the glass
  89. Explain the working of antacids inside the stomach using magnesia and its color changes
  90. How to make instant ice cubes?
  91. Build a maze using simple mirrors
  92. Device for measuring room temperature
  93. Device to sort coins
  94. Building a waterwheel
  95. project on recycling plastics
  96. Device to help measuring the density of different liquids
  97. lemon as a power generator
  98. Prove tongue sensitivity
  99. Alcohol detector
  100. Building a parachute and controlling its landing
  101. Preparing a homemade play-doh

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