Paper Presentation Topics For IT

by admin on August 22, 2012

Paper presentation is basically a presentation of idea on the project we have worked for.  The idea presented has to be unique in order to stand out among the others.  Not only the content for the presentation to be prepared but also the way it is being presented plays an important role in these presentations. An outline of the topic should be explained in the beginning of the presentation to create an interest for the audience on the topic being presented.

This article lists some topics for the IT students to choose for paper presentation. You may need to drill down in to a much narrow area from the below list.

  1. Computer architecture
  2. Kernel Methods
  3. Digital image processing
  4. Parallel and distributed computing
  5. Object oriented systems
  6. High performance computing
  7. Linear prediction for network management
  8. Version management in unified modeling language
  9. Dynamics of language understanding
  10. Cluster computing
  11. Complier optimizations related with program analysis
  12. Knowledge based computing
  13. Programming language design
  14. Formal methods and automata theory
  15. Algorithm analysis
  16. Mobile telemedicine
  17. Genetic approach to field programmable gate array’s
  18. Extensive mark up language
  19. Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
  20. pattern oriented software development
  21. Wireless sensor networks with delay reduction
  22. Search Engine design
  23. Game theory
  24. Human motion tracking
  25. Search algorithm optimization techniques
  26. Cross talk minimization using effective encoding techniques
  27. Speech and audio transcription
  28. Secured message transmission in computer networks
  29. Digital filters design
  30. Word speech recognition methods
  31. Warshall’s algorithm and its implementation
  32. Voice conversion methods
  33. Interval graph recognition using sequential and parallel algorithms
  34. Binary tree algorithm reconstruction
  35. Hindi speech recognition using fuzzy mathematical concepts
  36. Message filters for Object oriented systems
  37. Multimedia multicast routing
  38. Health monitoring systems using satellites
  39. Software version management techniques
  40. Face recognition techniques using neural networks
  41. Transactions in wireless sensor networks
  42. Real time dynamic programming
  43. Steganography
  44. Rural telephony
  45. Video on demand systems
  46. Domain name servers
  47. Routing protocols
  48. Wireless local area networks monitoring systems
  49. Information retrieval techniques
  50. Multiple TCP Connections
  51. hypertext and hyper media
  52. CAD/CAM Applications
  53. Network Management systems
  54. Wireless in local loop systems
  55. Bio computing

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