Paper Presentation Topics For EEE

by admin on August 22, 2012

Paper presentation helps a student to expertise on the topic to be presented and to gain confidence to present in front of the audience. Audience judge on the quality of the presentation by the way and style, it is being presented and the points highlighted through the presentation.

  1. Power system Optimization
  2. Computer application in power system
  3. Power system Analysis
  4. Narrow band power line communication
  5. High Voltage techniques
  6. Lightning protection of equipments
  7. Integrated optoelectronics
  8. MOEMS
  9. Nonlinear and quantum optics
  10. Optical sensors
  11. Pulse Oximeter and performance enhancement techniques
  12. Implementation of impedance measurement techniques in electronic circuits
  13. Hardware and software linearization techniques for the enhancement of Thremistor performance
  14. Interpretation of ECG
  15. Flywheel energy storage systems
  16. Zero flux current Transformer
  17. Diagnostic audiometer
  18. Single phase fluid flow using ultrasonic cross correlation
  19. Electro magnetic Interference filter design
  20. Analog circuits and fault diagnosis
  21. Real time simulation using digital signal processors
  22. Hybrid distribution systems
  23. Wireless mesh networks
  24. HVDC Technology
  25. Distribution systems using relaying
  26. Cosine transform implementation
  27. Gaussian shift keying using base band pulse shaping method
  28. Analog to Digital of smooth non band limited signals
  29. High Frequency Boost technique
  30. Electromagnetic brakes
  31. Energy efficient multi user algorithm for multi user scheduling
  32. Emergency power systems
  33. Digital converters
  34. LVDCT’s
  35. RF transceivers
  36. High speed equalizers
  37. FPGA and error control decoders
  38. Delta sigma modulators
  39. Companding signal processors
  40. Weber’s law analysis on adaptive sampling
  41. Transient simulation of power systems
  42. Delta sigma modulators
  43. Orthogonal frequency
  44. High voltage circuit breakers
  45. Sensor less induction Motor drive
  46. Traditional methods of current generation
  47. Resonant frequency converters
  48. Impact on quality of input power systems
  49. Analog Integrated circuits design
  50. Excitation requirements of Induction generators
  51. Wind energy conversion systems
  52. Sensor less single phase converters
  53. Harmonic compensation techniques
  54. Direct torque control using three level inverter
  55. High voltage power supply
  56. Soft switched DC To DC Converters
  57. Digital control of power converters

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