Paper Presentation Topics for ECE

by admin on August 21, 2012

Paper presentation is a way to express and present innovations by students in front of others and helps the students to gain the confidence of presenting it in front of the audience. In depth knowledge of the paper presentation topic is highly essential for the students while presenting papers. Choosing the correct topic plays the key role for its successful presentation. This article helps the students of ECE to find topics for their paper presentation based on the areas given below.

  1. Digital hub
  2. Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM)
  3. The next generation broadband wireless communication networks
  4. 3GPP – Advanced
  5. Green Communications
  6. Cognitive radio
  7. Satellite communications
  8. Antennas and propagation
  9. VLSI for communications
  10. An theoretic perspective on wireless communications
  11. Convergence in networks
  12. Micro wave communications
  13. Communication theory and systems
  14. Impact of embedded systems on Real time operating systems
  15. Mobile phones powered using solar energy
  16. Audio and speech processing
  17. 802.11 Modulation
  18. Source coding and encryption
  19. Advanced signal processing
  20. TCP/IP networks
  21. Radio frequency waves and propagation
  22. CDMA
  23. Ad-hoc Networks
  24. Networks and protocols
  25. Channel modes in wireless systems
  26. Video Processing
  27. Comprehensive sensing
  28. Performance analysis of networks
  29. DSP Algorithms and architecture
  30. Telecom technologies
  31. Wireless in local loop
  32. Mobile Internet for bridging digital divide
  33. Quantum key distribution
  34. Mathematical methods in signal coding
  35. Error control coding
  36. Adaptive transmission with limited feedback
  37. Multi terminal wireless communications
  38. Scheduling issues in WiMax/OFDMA
  39. Fixed point analysis of wireless local area networks
  40. Internet Technologies inIndia
  41. Biological networks
  42. Performance analysis of non-persistent TCP Flows in High Speed wide area networks.
  43. Systems and devices
  44. Multimedia applications
  45. language identification
  46. DSP pattern analysis and classifications
  47. Space signal recovery
  48. Image reconstruction algorithms
  49. Satellite trans multiplexer and receiver
  50. Audio conferencing over a wireless network
  51. ISP servers
  52. Broadband cellular networks
  53. Digital frequency modulation
  54. Quality of service in network layer protocols
  55. Audio / Video Codec’s

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