Paper Presentation Topics For CSE

by admin on August 21, 2012

Paper presentation helps in expressing the views and ideas about a specific topic in front of the viewers. The paper presentation should be done in the following steps like defining the topic, detailing the topic, scope of the topic on current affairs, advantages -disadvantages of that topic, causes and suggested remedies.

Following are some paper presentation ideas for CSE students:

  1. Huge data storage system
  2. GPRS for mobile check in
  3. Optical switching system using MEMS
  4. Digital media broadcasting
  5. Using Mobile phones for alcohol detection
  6. Piracy control in digital medias
  7. Embedded Linux
  8. Distributed computing
  9. Using Holograms for data storage
  10. Mobile paradigm
  11. OFDM Technique
  12. Cost reduction with production of cell phone
  13. Brain waves scanner
  14. Secured fingerprint identification
  15. Blue tooth technology
  16. Advanced search algorithms
  17. Hacking Prevention techniques
  18. Computer Cryptography
  19. Content management in web
  20. Grid computing
  21. Data warehousing techniques
  22. Artificial intelligence
  23. Forensic diction using computers
  24. Video conferencing and network issues
  25. Search Engine optimization techniques
  26. Data Backup systems for huge networks
  27. Neural Networks
  28. Bio Computing
  29. File Compression Techniques
  30. DVD’s and blue ray technology
  31. Computers in emergency health care system
  32. Software distribution using internet
  33. Software maintenance
  34. Distributed computing
  35. Wi-Fi Technology
  36. Computer Graphics and animation
  37. 4G Evolution
  38. Client server architecture
  39. Digital audio compression techniques
  40. USB Drivers
  41. Captcha generation
  42. Uni casting and multi casting
  43. CURL Language for web
  44. Mobile Operating systems
  45. Open Source Technologies
  46. Mobile Gaming
  47. Nano Computing
  48. Synchronous optical networking
  49. Micro controller and its application
  50. ZFS File system
  51. Application design for mobiles
  52. Cable Modems
  53. GPS Systems
  54. Cyber crime and security issues
  55. Voice Over IP in mobile networks
  56. Encryption methods
  57. Speech recognition using artificial Intelligence
  58. IRDA Standard
  59. 802.11 Wireless Local area network standard
  60. Cluster Computing
  61. Cloud Computing
  62. Digital Smell
  63. DOCSIS Protocol

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