Mechatronics Projects

by admin on September 1, 2012

Mechatronics is the combination of engineering disciplines like mechanical, electronics, computer, software, control, and systems design engineering that involves in designing and manufacturing useful products.

Mechatronics is an advanced engineering field – that is it rejects dividing engineering into individual disciplines. Initially, mechatronics just had the combination of mechanics and electronics engineering; hence the term mechatronics is just a portmanteau of mechanics and electronics. However, since technical systems became more and more complex, the term has been modified recently to include many other technical areas.

Following are some project suggestions on Mechatronics:

  • Voice command robot
  • Touch robot
  • Anti tank weapon robot
  • Fabrication of AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle)
  • Wall climber magnetic path robot
  • Over speed indicator cum automatic accident avoiding system for 4 wheeler
  • Fabrication of solar automatic mobile phone charger through pay system
  • Automatic leveling of borewells
  • Solar powered robotic crane
  • Automatic lamination machine
  • Robotic cam boat
  • Automatic wash basin
  • Wireless curtain opening system for VIP function
  • Hydraulic robot
  • Fabrication of automatic jack
  • Voice command based home automation system
  • Domestic cleaner robot
  • Fire extinguisher robot
  • Toilet helper
  • Automatic railways signaling system
  • Gas pressure robot
  • Timing operated solar pump
  • Robotic submarine – Petrol Engine
  • Robotic elevator
  • Robotic spider
  • Automatic dam shutter control system
  • Robotic arm with moving platform
  • Fabrication of automatic railway gate controller
  • Robotic grass cutter
  • Auto pressure monitoring and cut off system
  • Electronic numeric keyboard safety locking system
  • Robotic boat
  • Robotic crane
  • Tank robot
  • Automatic motorized door open/close system
  • Fabrication of automatic temperature controlling with cooling system
  • Track pick and place robot
  • Robotic insect
  • Automatic tap control
  • Fabrication of UGV (Unaided Guided Vehicle)
  • Photo sensitive robot
  • Automatic humidification system
  • Fabrication of path finding robot
  • Thermoelectric gas pressure robot
  • Robotic arm
  • Hydraulic piston robot
  • Automatic heat chamber control system
  • Human joint control robot
  • Solar tracking robot
  • 2 wheeler automation through security system
  • Infrared remote control robot
  • Automatic toilet/room perfume spray system
  • Fabrication of sensor operated auto guided vehicle
  • Sensor operated ATGV (Automatic Track Guided Vehicle)
  • Elimination of carbon particles from smoke
  • Electric bike
  • Railways accident avoiding system
  • Robotic car with crane
  • Robotic cam car
  • Automatic rain operated wiper
  • Trolley pick & place robot
  • Wireless robotic arm
  • Robotic electric submarine
  • Solar powered robotic car
  • Maglev train – prototype
  • Automatic dam shutter controlling system
  • Object finder robot
  • Mines diffuser robot
  • Wall climber robot
  • Irrigation robot
  • Sumo robot
  • Robotic wheel chair
  • Iron collector robot

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