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by admin on September 4, 2012

Group Discussion (GD) has become the very most important lately as most companies have made it an essential part of their selection process. The two important reasons for this is – it allows the organization to assess the candidate as per their requirement, and it also allows in mass elimination. During the group discussion, you will be provided with a topic and you need to hold a discussion along with the other group members on the given topic.

Following are some latest group discussion topics:

  • Government contribution to IT
  • BPOs in INDIA
  • Should SONIA Gandhi become our PM
  • Is China better than India in software?
  • Environment Management
  • Role of United Nations in peacekeeping
  • United States war on Iraq-justified or not
  • Should youth enter politics?
  • Globalization Vs Nationalism
  • Is consumer the real King in India?
  • Corruption is the major result of democracy
  • Wisdom does not come with age
  • Politicians are not working for the better future of our country
  • Behind every successful man there is a woman
  • The impact of Internet on India
  • The American dollar is no more a stable currency
  • Reservation for women in parliament
  • Management education is meant only for rich people
  • Benefits of Co-education
  • Love/Arranged marriage
  • Current state of Cricket in India
  • Cricket should be banned or not
  • Can America occupy Iraq
  • War on Iraq
  • Is China a threat to software industry in India
  • Premarital sex
  • Do punch lines rule the advertisements?
  • Indian government’s contribution to Information Techology
  • Cell phones boon or ban?
  • Life without mobile phones
  • Life is like a cup of coffee
  • Indian Army as a Career
  • Are movies good or bad?
  • Sky is blue
  • Effect of Corruption on sports
  • State of Education in India
  • Increase in number of Engineering Colleges
  • Effects of E-Learning
  • Global Warming
  • Indian Culture
  • Reservation in India
  • Recession in India
  • Love Vs Arranged marriage
  • Increase in number of Companies providing SIM cards to employees
  • Social Networking rage these days

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