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by admin on September 1, 2012

Many companies and colleges, nowadays are opting Group Discussion as the effective way to evaluate the abilities and skills of the candidate. In a group discussion, the candidates are given with a topic or a scenario. They can think about the topic for a given time and then discussing about the same for a specific duration.

Today, group discussion is playing a very crucial role in screening the candidates for face to face interview. It lets the evaluator choose the socially right candidate for the job. Hence, students and professionals who are seeking for a new job need to be prepared for this important phase of selection process.

Following are some suggestions on Group Discussion topics:

      • The state authority and freedom of expression
      • Age and youth: experience & young talent
      • India should break diplomatic ties with Pakistan
      • Whom to blame for secessionism in the north-east? Group Discussion Topics
      • Nothing succeeds like success
      • Women are as confident as women
      • Business and ethics do/cannot go together
      • Brain-drain needs to be stopped
      • Capitation fee should be eliminated
      • Is bullet-to-bullet the right policy?
      • Marxism and its future throughout the world
      • Civil society and individual freedom
      • All work and no play make jack a dull boy
      • Good guys finish last
      • Is science a boon or bane?
      • Should India sign the CTBT?
      • Politics and religion should not mix
      • Foreign trade is essential for any nation to survive
      • Money is must to earn more money
      • Is the term Swadeshi apt for India today?
      • Political parties have survived their utilities
      • Effects of liberalization on poverty
      • Executives should be allowed to form unions
      • Women are good managers
      • Privatization can lead to less corruption rate
      • Advertising is a useless resource
      • India has to empower women for better development
      • Free market is a must for a nation’s growth
      • Inflation is certain in a developing nation
      • Should there be private universities?
      • How to deal with high oil prices
      • Value based politics – the need of the hour
      • Is India a soft nation?
      • Privatization of public sector
      • Is computer dependency a good thing?
      • Six billion and one bronze!
      • Beauty contests humiliate womanhood

    • What India needs is a autocracy
    • Are foreign TV channels destroying our culture?
    • Is corruption the price we pay for democracy?
    • Increasing population in India
    • Is globalization necessary?
    • Is non-violence and peace outdated concepts?
    • International terrorism
    • Benefits of co-education
    • Current state of Indian cricket team
    • Can America occupy Iraq?
    • Hockey being the national game in India
    • War on Iraq
    • United states war on Iraq-justified or not
    • Environment-whose responsibility
    • “United Nation’s peace activities” & “America’s war on Iraq” – discuss
    • Are studies more helpful in India or abroad
    • Indian education system compared to foreign nations
    • Effects of cinema on youth
    • Balance between family and profession
    • Should water resources be nationalized?
    • Which is the land of opportunities – India or west?
    • Government contribution to it
    • Environment management
    • Women’s position in India compared to other countries
    • Role of United Nations in peacekeeping
    • Is china a real threat to our software industry?

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