Electrical Engineering Projects For Engineering Students

by admin on August 29, 2012

Electrical engineering field involves dealing with the basic forms of energy such as turbine, hydro, fuel cell, gas, wind, or geothermal energy. Electrical engineers distribute these energies to factories, residencies, hospitals, schools, and offices from the energy sources. Electrical engineering also includes the existing fields like information technology and electronics. Computers, cellular phones, the internet and wireless communication are all some examples that involve electrical engineers functioning. As we have reached the advanced world, the electrical technology that surrounds us continues to spread out and electrical engineers lead the way.

Following are some project ideas for Electrical Engineering students:

  • Working Model of maglev
  • Data Acquisition System
  • Survey of Industries in Tamil Nadu
  • Power factor measurement & control – Microprocessor based
  • Linear Induction Motor
  • Automatic toll tax
  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • 3 phase squirrel cage induction motor design
  • Electrical Vehicle Controller
  • Computer Based Power Flow Analysis
  • Cathodic protection
  • Measuring inrush current in Transformer
  • Mini LCD scope
  • Programmable logic controller
  • Tracking maximum power point
  • Unipolar Stepper Motor
  • Transistor based Electronic Power Generator
  • Real time channel data logger
  • Pc to pc laser communication
  • Bilge oil water separator
  • Pc to pc fiber- optic communication
  • 3 Phase Analayzer
  • smSrt sauna bath control system
  • Control of any electrical Machine – Microcontroller based
  • Vector Controlled AC Drive
  • Transformer protection panel
  • UPS
  • Measurement of electrical parameters
  • Electrical Bicycle
  • Security dial-up based auto-answering
  • Microcontroller based Digital Energy Meter
  • Electronic Power Generator using Transistor
  • Inverter (MOSFET based)
  • Code lock with security telephone dialer
  • Digital Energy Meter
  • Microprocessor based power Factor correction
  • Construction and Design of 3 phase 1 H.P Motor
  • Electrical Bicycle
  • Differential protection of Transformer
  • Motorized wheel Chair
  • Microprocessor based Robot
  • Radial Feeder protection
  • Protection of three phase induction motor
  • Heart beat monitor
  • Energy Sector Deregulation
  • Automatic control of unmanned rail gate
  • V / F Speed Control of 3 Phase Induction Motor
  • Solar Tracking System
  • Remote monitoring & alarming on pc through radio link
  • PC Home automation
  • Computer based Power Flow Analysis
  • Control system for modern house
  • Digital Filter Design and Its Applications
  • Inductance, capacitance and frequency meter.
  • Cyclo- converter 1- Phase to 1- Phase
  • Numerical Relay
  • 8 channel data logger
  • Speed Control of D.C Motor through D.C Drives
  • Patient monitoring system
  • Computer Based Transformer Design
  • Pain monitor
  • 8085 based Protective Relay
  • PLC Based System
  • Microprocessor based Power Meter
  • Prepaid Card Energy Meter
  • Load shedder
  • Working Model of Solar Power Plant
  • PLC Based Boiler Control System
  • Reciprocating Motor
  • Speed Control of Induction Motor – Microcontroller based
  • 8085 based Protective Relay
  • Hotel power management

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