ECE Mini Projects – List of 100 Projects

by admin on August 21, 2012

Electronics is a branch of physics which deals with the motion of electrons through various medium and the effects created on behalf of it. The various mediums can be defined as vacuum, gases and semiconductors, out of which, semi conductor medium lays a strong foundation for future electronic design.

Using semi conducting materials, lots of basic electronic devices such as diodes, transistors, SCRs etc were manufactured and on top of these basic elements, many Integrated Circuits chips were built. The Electronics as a whole can be split up into Analog circuits and digital circuits. Analog circuits work on continuously varying voltage whereas digital circuits work between two defined voltage levels.

This list of mini projects contains a mix up of both analog and digital circuits which help to gain basic knowledge of electronics.

  • Controlled lighting inside the house upon human presence
  • Using histogram techniques for image enhancement
  • Solar battery charger for power backup
  • EPROM Programming
  • Man less railway gate
  • Sine wave synthesizer
  • Design of CDMA base band Transmitter and receiver
  • System based function generator
  • Water level indicator for plant
  • Darkness detector circuit
  • Pre paid car parking system
  • PPM circuit
  • Morphological Methods
  • Power booster for USB
  • Oscillator tuning through digital methods
  • Designing a Butterworth low pass filter
  • Designing a ring counter
  • Using Neural networks for speech signal processing
  • Simulating smith chart
  • A speech to text converter
  • A simple payroll system
  • Using embedded systems for DB management
  • A simple LED based TV
  • Carrier synchronization techniques
  • Real time implementation of video codec
  • Designing a dual band antenna
  • Secure communication using digital signal processors
  • Project on Image restoration
  • JPEG compression using DCT
  • An intelligent transport system
  • ATM system
  • Encrypting SMS
  • Finger print identification project
  • Using eigen vectors for face recognition
  • Edge detection system
  • A digital code lock
  • FPGA based architecture for Real time Image Feature Extraction
  • Implementation of UART controller
  • Security device design for net banking
  • Transmission line study and measuring its parameters
  • Logic analyzer
  • Serial port communication
  • Multimedia Architecture
  • Hardware algorithm for variable precision multiplication
  • Digital oscilloscope
  • FIR filter design
  • Humidity monitor
  • Implementing a image decoder
  • A traffic signal design using microcontroller
  • Phase detector
  • Voltage to frequency converter
  • Using blue tooth for file transfer
  • Internet linked monitoring system
  • Video digitizer
  • Watts and power usage calculator for home appliances
  • A multi channel control using optical fiber
  • using the electrical line for voice transmission
  • An educational institute announcement system using wireless technology
  • A mini telephone exchange system
  • A voice based booking system for tickets
  • A PC based ECG measuring system
  • A telephone answering system using PC
  • Remote monitoring of electrical appliances
  • Power converter
  • System based magnetic tester
  • Function generator simulated through computer
  • CCTV implementation
  • Remote transmission of live lectures
  • Password enabled dispensing system
  • voice based gate authenticating system
  • Wireless control of street light working and  powering
  • Digital Speedometer
  • A home security system
  • USB to control equipments
  • A recording machine for phone calls
  • e-voting system
  • Paper cup dispensing machine
  • Gear level indicator
  • A mini vacuum cleaner
  • Intercom system for a society
  • library books management system using microcontroller
  • Smoke detector
  • Lie detector project.
  • Automated system based on SMS
  • Braille system implementation
  • A weather forecasting system
  • A human pulse/heart beat measuring device
  • An intelligent car parking system
  • Number plate registering machine
  • A video conference system
  • Authentication system using mobiles
  • A mini educational robot
  • Barcode scanner
  • Preamplifier for EEG signals
  • Intrusion detection system
  • Distributed channel allocation system
  • Location based Routing for Ad-Hoc networks
  • Automatic order processing system
  • Automatic appointment allot system
  • Automatic pattern cutting machine

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