Current Topics For Group Discussion

by admin on September 4, 2012

The idea of conducting a Group Discussion (GD) has become a part of selection process for admissions in colleges and for jobs. Hence, students and job seekers face a great problem in this area. Group discussion is usually conducted to screen the final candidates for face-to-face interview.

Many of the organizations and institutes today are pretty clear about the knowledge and skills that they are seeking in the candidates while screening. But, earlier things were different. They were not clear about these factors in the candidates till the final interview is conducted; hence they used to face trouble even after selecting the candidate. To avoid this, Group Discussion has become the most essential part of selection process.

Following are some current topics that have been often for Group Discussions:

  • Eye for an Eye Judgment
  • IIM A’s PPO report in TOI – Fake or Real
  • Petrol Price Hike and India’s Sovereign Ratings
  • Is Anna Hazare a “tyrant”?
  • Experiential learning in Management
  • Narendra Modi refuses to wear skull cap
  • War is over, but the Battle is ON – Time to conquer GD/PI
  • Politics over Mumbai blasts
  • Is Baba Ramdev’s Fast Politically Motivated?
  • Should content on Social Networking Websites be restricted?
  • Is Anna Hazare an anarchist?
  • Is government justified in dealing with Baba Ramdev and his anshan?
  • Will government’s Lokpal Bill reduce corruption?
  • Railway Budget 2012 – The Good, the bad
  • Quote, Misquote
  • ‘IIM placements are like cattle fairs’
  • Prospects and Challenges of E-Learning in India
  • Fuel Price Hike
  • Are Women Safer Drivers?
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Will Google+ surpass Facebook’s popularity?
  • IIT, IIM Faculty not World Class
  • Reading Newspapers may help to sail through Group Discussion
  • Chetan Bhagat vs. Narayan Murthy
  • The Cabinet Reshuffle of Disappointment
  • Inflation forces another rate hike by RBI
  • Common Budget 2012
  • Is India becoming a start-up country?
  • Female Foeticide and Infanticide in India
  • National wide bandhs – for or against the nation?
  • Should gay marriages be legalized in India?
  • Charity begins at work
  • Social Networking- How much is too much?
  • Are Indian CEOs Overpaid?
  • Global Warming
  • Executive MBA vs. Full Time MBA
  • Portrayal of women in Indian media
  • Mamata Banerjee’s Invitation to Tata?
  • Has Lalu – Rabri saga ended?
  • CBI’s ’50 Most Wanted’ List
  • Has the Social Networking war begun?
  • Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi arrested
  • Crime against Women
  • Rahul Gandhi an ‘empty suit’ – Wikileaks Revelation
  • IPL- An ugly dream or some good sport for India?
  • Lunar Eclipse and the taboo
  • Has America won the war on terrorism, with Osama Bin Laden’s Death?
  • Is India still a ‘Golden Sparrow’?
  • Congress campaigns against Hazare, Ramdev
  • Degree or Diploma: What’s your take?
  • Blame-game Politics
  • CWG Flats- Wealthy and powerful buyers paying heavy interest
  • India, China grabbing future jobs
  • Mistry named as Ratan Tata’s successor
  • Mukesh Ambani’s $2 bn home
  • Multilevel or network marketing
  • Is India really an education powerhouse?
  • Is profit the only business of business?
  • Recession 2011
  • Your opinion on Women reservation bill
  • Recession 2011- Effects on India
  • Communal clashes in India: Is there any permanent fix?
  • sRight to Speech and Ethics of Journalism
  • GD Topic: How to deal with international terrorism
  • Is Management an Art or a Science?
  • Innovation- How much is too much?
  • PM’s not a “Lame Duck”

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