C Projects – Mini Projects for College Students and Class 11 & 12

by admin on August 21, 2012

A high level language is a programming language which uses English like words for its program implementation. C belongs to high level language and one of the easiest and basic programming languages any user should know. It is a procedure oriented language and was developed by Dennis Ritchie in Bell labs.

This article lists projects on C language which helps in gaining in depth knowledge of the language.

    1. Program to find the area and volume for a given shape
    2. Tower of Hanoi program
    3. Program to output a analog clock
    4. Program to generate a calendar
    5. Program to evaluate an arithmetic expression
    6. Program for calculating scientific values
    7. Puzzle solver program
    8. Converting a given string into a word
    9. Generating a Fibonacci series

    1. Finding the factorial of a number
    2. Sudoku game generator
    3. Chess game with computer a one of the user
    4. A virtual piano
    5. Tic-Tac-Toe game with computer
    6. Implementing a stack using c
    7. Program to convert from decimal to binary or octal or hexa decimal
    8. Data transfer between ports
    9. Finding the palindrome
    10. program to find the square root of a number
    11. Finding the roots of quadratic equation
    12. Mobile computing using C
    13. Program for CAPTCHA generation
    14. Tetris game using C
    15. Train ticket status checker using the given PNR number

    1. Retrieving  the trains schedule from the pre built database
    2. A hostel management system using c
    3. TCP/IP programming
    4. Generating multiplication table using C
    5. Computing the exponential series
    6. Socket programming
    7. A folder password protection program using C
    8. A program to reverse a given number
    9. program to check whether a given number is leap year or not
    10. Program to check whether a given number is even or odd
    11. Program to convert given string from upper case to lower case and vice versa
    12. A program to find the memory size of all the data types
    13. Program to find the determinant of a matrix
    14. Temperature conversion program from F to C or from C to F
    15. Program to add two matrix
    16. Using pointers to add numbers
    17. A mini dictionary implementation in C
    18. A random password generator with added special  characters
    19. Program to interchange two numbers without using a temp variable
    20. Designing a drop down menu with graphical interface using C
    21. Program to generate prime numbers between 1 and the given number
    22. CPU scheduling program using C
    23. An Converter program to convert from infix to postfix
    24. An information retrieval program for a car showroom
    25. Program to generate different patterns/shapes
    26. Program to concatenate two files
    27. Program to show the difference between given two files
    28. Program to display the difference between given two dates
    29. A multithreading program using C
    30. Program to generate a billing system
    31. Using C code to change the background of the console window
    32. A spell checker program
    33. Random question generator
    34. Program to generate bar/pie chart
    35. File split up program
    36. program to reflect the characters as it is typed by the user
    37. A simple blink program
    38. Program on L2 protocol with encryption implementation
    39. Program to perform round robin scheduling for the processes
    40. Program to count all the digits in a given number
    41. Program to compute the transpose of a matrix
    42. Program to generate all possible set of substring from a given string
    43. Binary search implementation program
    44. Program to remove duplicates from a given input array

  1. C program to merge two files
  2. Traffic light simulation program
  3. Program to list the files in a directory
  4. Program to show the simple rules of integer addition and integer multiplications
  5. Program to automatically shut down the computer at a given time
  6. Program to remove the duplicates from a given text file
  7. Program to automatically delete the contents of recycle bin
  8. Program to generate a log file for the given application
  9. program to hide a mouse pointer
  10. Program for graphical display of solar system
  11. Program to find the sum of diagonal of a matrix
  12. An online exam interface using c
  13. Creating a custom message box using C
  14. Writing a C complier program for a DSP processor
  15. Implementing the MAC Layer
  16. Program to send a UDP request for a specific IP and MAC address
  17. Program to identify and delete the vowels alone from a given string or an input file
  18. A music application development
  19. Program to generate the sum of aTaylor’s series
  20. Implementation of bucket sort
  21. Program for deleting elements from an arrays
  22. Generating a Pascal triangle
  23. Program to generate permutation and combinations
  24. A hello world program
  25. Generating an Armstrong number
  26. Multiplying two numbers by rotational method
  27. Program to convert from decimal to roman number
  28. Program to generate facial expressions like smiley face, sad face and angry face.
  29. Program to explain the concept of passing by reference.
  30. A unit converter program
  31. A simple editor using C
  32. Program to convert an IP address into its base 10 form

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