BPO Interview Questions and Answers

by admin on August 22, 2012

BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. Generally, companies from outside India outsource the jobs to some companies or consultancies. These companies recruit people on behalf of them and get the work done. There are various types of BPO’s and the basic educational qualification is generally a graduation, upon which they provide training to tailor them for their projects. BPO gives hope for many youngsters to be placed immediately after studies.  This article lists BPO’s Interview point of view questions and answers for a reference.

1. Tell me about yourself?

This is most probably the first question in an interview, to initiate the conversation and also to make the candidate to feel ease. This is a powerful question to the candidate as they can give good impact about themselves to the interviewer from the answer.

The general way to answer this is like a little on academic background, awards or medals received for excellence in academic and from previous experiences if any and about family background.

2. What interests you most about this job?

Here interviewer is expecting the enthusiastic level of the candidate towards the job. So talk about the areas in which you are strong, that matches closely with the current opening and also the hard work you are ready to put to expertise on the job.

3. Do you anything about our company?

Before attending the interview go to the company’s website and get details about their current working area, the projects they work on etc. In this point the interviewer expects the candidate to be aware of their concern and the interest of the candidate towards the job opening.

4. What interests you for a BPO job?

Be prepared with the BPO industry in India and the various types of BPO’s and express your interest  for this particular type of BPO related to you Strength’s and abilities.

5. Are you interested in working as a team?

As a whole the software industry itself is a team work and individual performance among the team is appreciated. So be ready to join the team and give your best part for it.

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