8051 Microcontroller Projects

by admin on September 4, 2012

8051 microcontroller is an 8 bit microcontroller family developed in 1981, which is, today, the most used microcontroller across the world. 8051 microcontroller is popularly known as “system on a chip” since it includes RAM of 128 bytes, ROM of 4 Kbytes, 1 serial port, 2 times and 4 ports on a single chip. 8051 microcontroller is used in wide range of devices, importantly because of its easy to integrate feature that helps to build or project a device. Some major areas of focus of 8051 microcontroller include, Energy Management, Touch Screens, Automobiles, Medical Devices, and so on.

Following are some project ideas on 8051 microcontroller:

  • Gates emulator
  • Multi-pattern running lights
  • Secured wireless data communication
  • Temperature controlled fan
  • Line following robot
  • Traffic light controller
  • Pc based digital IC tester
  • Digital countdown timer
  • Digital calendar
  • Automatic room light controller with visitor counter
  • Fire fighting robot
  • Auto control of three phase induction motor
  • Pc -mc communication
  • Automatic college bell
  • Remote control via internet
  • Solar tracking system
  • Pc based robot
  • Device controlling through pc
  • SMS through telephone
  • Fingerprint based electronic voting machine
  • Automatic plant irrigation
  • Ds1620 based temperature controller
  • Infrared (IR) remote switch
  • Electronic voting machine
  • RF based automatic meter reading
  • Electronics components tester
  • Digital clock with alarm
  • RF based remote control
  • Two line intercom
  • Biomedical monitoring system
  • Pc based GPS
  • Telephone controlled motor
  • Password based door locking
  • Infrared remote switch
  • RFID based attendance system
  • Telephone controlled remote switch
  • Fingerprint based security system
  • Remote controlled digital clock
  • Prepaid energy meter
  • Digital code lock using microcontroller
  • Digital IC tester for 74 series
  • Caller id using microcontroller
  • Home security system
  • Digital visitor counter
  • Auto secrecy parallel telephone
  • Computer based data logger
  • Security system using RFID
  • Infrared interruption counter
  • Electronic cash register (ECR)
  • Pc remote control

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